The DAX Foundation is proud to sponsor Camp COCO. Beginning in 2012, The DAX Foundation has contributed funds each year which allows 73 Peoria St. Jude Midwest Affiliate patients to attend Camp COCO completely free of charge.

Julie and Madeline Locke visiting campers at Camp Coco in 2012.

The DAX Foundation, along with the Department of Pediatrics at SIU School of Medicine is excited to welcome children to Camp COCO (Children's Oncology Camp Organization). Our medically supervised camp program began in 1986 as a break from hospital and clinic visits for children with cancers and related blood disorders living in downstate Illinois communities.


At Camp COCO, St. Jude patients can enjoy being kids. This escape from their difficult reality is so important. Every camper has faced a life-threatening disease or may be in the midst of a battle. At Camp COCO sickness takes a backseat to creating life-long friends and lasting memories!
Healing comes from more than the medicine.


One week at Camp COCO costs
$685 per camper ($57 per month).

Sponsor a Camper
$685 or $57/mo.
Co-Sponsor a Camper
$342.50 or $28.54/mo.

Become a sponsor today and give a local
St. Jude child a week to just be "a kid".

Donate for Camp COCO

You name the amount!

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